Take This Bet!


This stock market game was created by @biggercapital. You can learn more about Bigger Capital at biggercapital.com. You can follow us on Twitter and StockTwits.


Why play the game? 

  • Compete
  • Have fun
  • Win prizes by joining promoted multiplayer games
  • Trade discovery
  • Increase your social capital
  • Make new trading friends
  • Experiment with trades
  • Teach your kids about the stock market
Why promote a multiplayer game? 
  • Easy to set up and play
  • Reach a target audience of serious traders
  • Increased your brand visibility
  • Multiple touch points with prospective customers during the duration of the game
  • Broadens your social media reach through periodic tweets to players
  • Compliments your existing online marketing strategy
  • Interested in promoting a game? Contact us